Creating a Low Maintenance garden

When it comes to creating a simple, hassle free garden there are many products and materials available on the global market designed to offer customers a low maintenance option, one that has the potential to keep costings down yet keep the property looking beautiful throughout the year, regardless of the season.

This is why our team at EMS wanted to put together a few helpful tips together on how you can create a low maintenance garden!

Composite Decking & Cladding

Composite materials are hot property at the minute due to the stylish and robust nature of the products. Unlike the timber counterpart, composite decking is a product that has been engineered to withstand pretty much anything that nature throws at it…..within reason! The composite decking and cladding require little to no maintenance (simply clean using a damp cloth) which is ideal for those looking for a quick solution. No staining, replacing boards damaged by dry rot, insect damage or spills!

Composite decking supplied by Ecoscape UK

Creating a low maintenance garden with composite decking

Image source: Ecoscape UK Composite Decking and Cladding

Contemporary Fencing

Contemporary fencing is next on the agenda and, like composite decking, slatted screen fencing is also an hot topic within the home improvement / DIY world. This is down to a style that is effectively future-proof by design. The design today will be as good ten years down the line, don’t believe us? Check out the contemporary fencing offered by Slatted Screen Fencing;

Red cedar fencing supplied by Slatted Screen Fencing

Contemporary Red Cedar Fencing can be used in any garden

The Red Cedar Fencing by Slatted Screen Fencing can literally be used in any garden or property! The image above was used in an award winning garden at RHS Tatton. The benefits of Red cedar fencing is similar to that of composite – weather proof, has a natural resistance to bacteria and insect damage.

The cedar fencing does not need to be treated. Simply instal the panel and forget about it!

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is ideal for those who have no intention of cutting the grass, hiring a gardener or any form of maintenance. The turf looks perfect all year round, can handle heavy amounts of foot fall and will not be affected by the weather!

If you throw this turf into a renovation project along with composite decking and red cedar fencing you will literally have a garden that requires no maintenance at all! No repairs, no cutting, staining or anything remotely like hard work! Simply pull up a chair and enjoy the fruits of no labour!

Artificial turf supplied by Ecoscape UK

Artificial turf is ideal for those wanting a simple, maintenance free life!

And there we have it, three easy ways in which to create a stunning low maintenance garden! There are a range of plants, garden furniture, gazebo’s, summer houses, pergola’s and more that have been designed to cater for those who no loner wish to maintain their garden.

If you have any questions about the products and materials used within this article, wish to enquire about other products and materials or simply wish to ask us a question, please contact us on our form where one of our team will get back to you.…

Making The Choice Of A Construction And Maintenance Business

There are different types of industries across the world. However, one industry or business that is considered a huge operation is the construction and maintenance business. With varied structures involved, be it commercial or residential, it takes a lot of money and time along with great effort in completing available work at hand. The construction and maintenance business is also a risky endeavor, and therefore expertise is a must for all those companies involved in carrying out such activities.

Factors that need to be considered

Since the construction and maintenance business is in good demand these days, there are a large number of companies venturing into this field. All these companies possess different capabilities and qualities necessary for completing construction and maintenance projects. Nevertheless, according to experts, there are some specific qualifications that individuals should look out for when trying to hire the services of a construction and maintenance company. The factors that need to be considered when making this choice include:

  • Experience: This is one of the most important qualities to look out for in a construction and maintenance company. A company that has a good experience will always know the rules and the regulations governing different construction projects.
  • Reputation: The reputation of a company also matters a lot when it comes to making a perfect choice. Try going through the testimonials of a construction and maintenance company to get an idea about its reputation.

Apart from reputation and experience, the price charged by a company and the versatility of the services offered are also important factors to watch out for.…